Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture - VAST

We assists refugees and other newcomers who have endured torture, trauma and political violence through counselling, documentation, education, and referrals.

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We are currently hoping to get to know candidates for multiple positions in our Trauma Recovery & Torture Rehabilitation organization. Please look at the respective job descriptions for more details on each position.

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Services Offered

VAST provides trauma recovery services and a Healing Community, with either group support or individual counselling. VAST wellness support services are provided at no cost, for individuals or families in need. Usually VAST will refer out to one of our partners for individuals dealing with an active addiction, or for couples therapy, or family therapy (although we may be available to work with all members of the family).

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Individual & Group Support
We provide trauma-focused psychological counselling in one-on-one and in group. Psycho-education, emotion self-regulation, and information sharing prepare  clients for the refugee claim and settlement process.
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Support with Documentation
We provide documentation of evidence of psychological trauma for the refugee claim process. We work with our clients (and their lawyers) to document symptoms of psychological trauma to support their refugee claim.
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Community Building & Referrals
We provide referrals to health, housing, and settlement services. We work with our community partners in the health and social services sectors to create a network to support our clients’ basic needs.
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Building Capacity & Education
We provide training and professional development workshops on refugee mental health for health and social service providers, and students. We work on committees to advance the rights of refugees.

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Current Campaigns & Events

As a community-based organization and registered British Columbia not-for-profit Society, VAST is dedicated to engaging and involving members of the community in the work of the organization.

It takes great courage, strength, and resiliency to begin the work needed to heal from trauma, both mental and physical.
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Annual Running is coming
The ScotiaBank 5K and Half Marathon will happen this year on June 23rd, 2019.
Barbecue in the Summer
VAST Annual Summer Barbecue, July 21st, 2018, 4-7 pm at the Trout Lake.

What People Say About Us

"VAST has helped me a lot to resolve emotional problems and given me guidance in many unknown things. I thank everybody for their support" Client
“Best thing Bridge clinic had ever done for him was to refer him to VAST. It has changed his life”
Cathy Crozier, MSW, RSW, Manager, Evergreen Addictions, Special Projects & Tobacco Treatment, Vancouver Coastal Health
"I wanted to also let you know how impressed I am with VAST. I have been working a bit with Mariana and others to assist some of my clients. It has been a wonderful experience for both me and my clients. I am very thankful for all you and your organization does. You all should be proud."
Anna Negrin, Partner Law Firm
"For me is like home all the staff have made feel like part of a family is a warm and kind place" Client

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