Survivors Advocates Capacity Building Program/ Programa de desarollo de capacidades

A participatory learning program that bridges the personal and collective experiences of social injustice, with advocacy-informed skill building and social change-making capacity. The program will focus on introducing participants to core advocacy skills,  themes, resources, effectiveness, as well as exploring opportunities to engage in advocacy work in one’s local or global community.

WHEN: starting on May 7th 2024. 8 weekly online sessions

WHO: Offered by the Vancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture (VAST) since 2019 initiated with funding from the United Nations, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN-OHCHR), currently supported by the International Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Torture (IRCT).


- Individuals with at least 5 years of professional or community experience in advocacy work (ex. supporting improvements to well-being where rights are at risk). Here is a helpful definition, although other creative approaches are understood as well.

- Individuals who have accessed services at any of the 164 IRCT Member Centers()including anyone who has accessed groups or individual counselling sessions at a Torture Rehabilitation Center)


- The program will be delivered in English

- Access to a stable internet connection & Zoom

- Certificates awarded upon completion (80% attendance)

- Participate in 30 minute brief group interview and orientation

- Have a brief 3-4 sentence email from the IRCT Member Center in re: their support for your participation in the Survivor Advocates Capacity Building Program.